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The Smile I Want

If you ask me what a cosmetic dentist should be, it has to be a dentist who would totally consider the kind of cosmetic dentistry the patient needs. He has to listen and understand the concerns of the patient and responds with the best kind of treatment. This dentist must also make certain that the patient will feel no pain and his or her dental problem will be fixed properly. And John Ravera D.D.S. does these things.

I can vouch for it because I myself am one of his patients in the past. Before I met John, I really had horrible crooked teeth. I have protruding incisors, which are prevalent when I smile. Some of my tooth do not have the same height as others. And because of these dental problems, I find myself too conscious. When I’m around others, having enough confidence was a difficult thing to do. I dreaded the possibility of people laughing at my teeth.

Since I need such dentist, I tried to get recommendations from my friends. And luckily, two of my friends recommended me to a good dentist, which was Dr. John Ravera. They said that Dr. Ravera is one of the most popular dentists in Newport Beach. He is a reliable dentist that has served a lot of patients already. If he is popular dentist who has served many people, then it is not a bad idea to visit his clinic and consider his dental services.

I was glad that I have visited Dr. Ravera’s clinic. Well, this is because my problem was resolved thanks to Dr. Ravera. In fact, if you look at my teeth now, you would never imagined that my straight and align teeth were once crooked and that some of them were chipped. If I didn’t visit Dr. Ravera’s clinic, then this would never happen to me. To understand better about John Ravera D.D.S., click this link: Recommended Reading

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Myself… Uncovered

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself on a very personal level, I’m a buddy you may rely on. Should this be your initial instance here, you will absolutely find out a whole lot pertaining to me within the following quarter or so.

In pretty short notice you will see the amount of pleasure I get from hitting up a good dance floor. Lmao, yeah I know, not what you anticipated to hear on my initial posting nevertheless I think you will discover I’m not really confined to only one spare time interest. I love to enjoy my life!

Remember to always take this into account. Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill